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Castle Street Liverpool Review – A Food Quarter of it’s Own.

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My favourite place in the whole of Liverpool City Centre, is the area around Exchange Square and the Town Hall. I love to watch our city’s workers and imagine the history the place has seen in years gone by. Apart from our beloved Three Graces, I think Exchange Flags and Castle Street is home to some of Liverpool’s best architecture. Castle Street has evolved into it’s own little food quarter and I couldn’t be happier about it. I decided to self indulge and spend an entire day here. Here’s my Castle Street Liverpool review. 

10am: Coffee, Castle Street Coffee

Bold Street Coffee’s little sister is the obvious choice for your morning caffeine fix. Nestled within the walls of Santa Maluco, on castle street’s corner, overlooking the Town Hall. Castle Street Coffee boasts speciality coffee served whichever way you choose. Oat milk, macchiato anyone?

11am: Brunch, Castle St Townhouse

In the most opulent dining room of the street, Castle St Townhouse, the brunch menu is my favourite of their three. Served til 12pm, the menu serves eggs all ways alongside plenty of lighter choices, fruit and granola.

3pm: Charcuterie, Veeno

This Italian wine bar, nestled in the heart of Castle Street is intimate and relaxing inside. Perfect for mid afternoon nibbles and a few wines with the girls. The guys at Veeno will pair your wine with your cheese so there’s nothing for you to do apart from sit down and enjoy.

6pm: Cocktails, Gino’s

Not one to usually buy into the hype of a new big name in town I avoided this place for a while after it opened. Once I finally gave in and curiosity got the better of me I am a huge fan of the bar at Gino’s

8pm: Small Plates, Bacaro

As I said earlier, Castle Street has become it’s own little food and drinks quarter with so many fantastic places to choose from. But for me, there’s no contender for number one choice for dinner down Castle Street. Bacaro offers Italian small plates and pizettes and to be quite honest, there isn’t a dish on their menu they haven’t absolutely perfected.

10pm: Nightcap, McGuffies

If you’re looking for somewhere to go in that little black dress for your next Instagram photo then this probably isn’t for you. But, if you want the most chilled vibe, the best drinks and somewhere you can actually hear your conversation then McGuffies is a must. Not everyone would think to drink in this place, but if you know, you know.