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Baby Led Weaning Accessories to Make Your Life So Much Easier

Baby Led Weaning Accessories to Make Your Life So Much Easier
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The Whole BLW process can be challenging and messy. In fact, most of the challenges come from the mess. Anyone who’s been through the weaning process already will know, babies aren’t that good at eating solid foods to begin with. They miss their mouths, they throw stuff, they get confused and think that pasta sauce is shampoo. Your floor is covered in half chewed bits of lunch. It’s tough to watch. Thankfully some clever people out there have come up with some baby led weaning accessories that really help.

Along our BLW journey, we discovered some amazing products which absolutely made our weaning experience easier. Without these baby led weaning accessories our mealtimes certainly would have been messier. Some of these I discovered later along the road than I wish I had and I don’t want anybody just starting out to not know about all of these hacks. I genuinely love all of these products.

Top Baby Led Weaning Accessory Products

1. Coverall Bib by Bibado

bibado coverall

The Bibado Coverall Bib is a lightweight, stain resistant smock which completely covers your baby’s clothes and high chair tray. In my Top Tips for BLW blog, I had ‘stripping baby down to their nappy to keep clean’ as one of my tips. Then I discovered this magical bib. This thing has won awards and when you get one, you’ll instantly see why. Baby really does come out of the Bibado coverall completely clean. I am still amazed every time.

2. Easy Mat Mini by Easytots

easymat mini

This won the 2019 Mums Award for Best Weaning Product and I’m only sorry I didn’t know about this from day 1. The Easymat mini is a portable suction plate which fits all high chairs and stacks up well in the baby plate throwing test. The portable bag means you can take it out with you. Much more hygienic than throwing food straight onto other peoples trays or tables.

3. Baby Led Spreads

baby led spreads

This one is less an accessory and more a BLW hack! I discovered early on that for me, sauces were a bit too messy for BLW. I discovered this range of savoury and sweet spreads from Baby Led Food and they were a game changer. Thicker, and so much less mess than sauces, these spreads are a great way of introducing new flavours to your weaning baby. All their recipes are completely natural with no added salt or nasty preservatives.

4. Small Baby Fork and Spoon Set

easy tots fork and spoon set

Another one from Easytots but undoubtedly the best first cutlery set I’ve found. Small ergonomic curved mini fork and spoon set. Ideal for first learning. Where this set tops others is it’s perfect fit for small hands and curved shape which almost seems to guide your baby to their mouth. I couldn’t believe this set was only £3.99. We love it.

Baby Led Weaning Accessories