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10 Simple Ways to Practise Self Care When you Have No Time.

10 Simple Ways to Practise Self Care When you Have No Time.
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Sometimes, when we’re time poor in life even the thought of dedicating any part of your day to self care can feel overwhelming. How can I find a moment in my day to focus completely on myself when I’m struggling to fit in a toilet break?

During the busiest times of our lives, think: new job, Christmas, new baby, we’re so much more likely to neglect our own wellbeing and soldier on like we’re not a vulnerable human. But, these high pressure times are the exact times we should make the most effort to be mindful about how we’re really doing.

I’ve come up with a few ways you can practise self care when you have no time. So, ditch the excuses and give these a go.

Quick Ways to Practise Self Care

  1. Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Waking up dehydrated and not addressing that is one way to start your day feeling shit.
  2. Plan your menu for the week, including snacks. If you’ve brought fruit to work with you you’re less likely to run out for a quick fix chocolate bar.
  3. Narrow your meal choices. Choose a few healthy breakfast options and rotate them throughout the week. Sometimes, too much choice is more stressful.
  4. Take a deep breath or 10. 10 deep breaths can lower your blood pressure, calm your stomach and clear your mind.
  5. Do your pelvic floor exercises. Whether you’re a mum or not, keeping your pelvic floor strong is good for your health.
  6. So much of our time is spent slumped in a chair staring at a computer screen or phone. Good posture is good for reducing aches and pains so shoulders back and sit up straight.
  7. Detox from technology. If you step away from your devices for a few hours you’ll realise you have more time available than you think.
  8. Turn off your notifications. Choose the app that causes you most distraction throughout the day (for me it’s whatsapp) and turn the notifications off. You’ll find yourself checking it a lot less.
  9. Light a candle. We all have them lying around the house so light one. Because of the calming effects associated with candle light, as soon as we see one lit, our bodies start to relax.
  10. Say no to plans if you know you don’t really have the time. Prioritise your wellbeing and only agree to social events if they won’t stress you out by rushing to attend.

I was particularly guilty of neglecting myself in the first year after having my first child. If this is you too, read why self care is so important for a new mum here.

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