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Bloom Allerton Road – Bar & Bistro Goals.

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Being a North Liverpool girl, it takes a lot to entice me to the South of the city, baby in tow, for a brunch. I’d seen the pictures, and Bloom looked unreal! But, trying to navigate your morning to time the 35 minute drive in between the nap times of a teething, just turned 1 year old is no easy task. The girls at Bloom Bar & Bistro, Allerton Road managed to convince me to make the journey. How? It was their commitment to being a child friendly venue and determination to accommodate even the crankiest of little monsters.

Warm Welcome at Bloom Allerton Road

I’d completely overloaded the pram with clothes. In a place so photogenic an outfit change was going to be essential. Fumbling with it at the door, the gorgeous staff were quick to our aid. Helping lift us in they cleared the path and settled us at a big table. As out of the way as we could be. Anyone who makes ease of the settling in process of arriving for a meal with babies is a hero in my book.

Within seconds the table was strewn with baby paraphernalia. We were like a living demonstration of instagram vs reality. Instagram shows the full length shot of the new outfit, in front of a perfect backdrop. Every glass perfectly placed. The live CCTV footage will have shown one baby left to their meltdown strapped in his highchair and the other being entertained by the waitress. Both mums looking around apologetically. I was hopeful the noise of the kids would be dulled even a little.

The staff were angels. They read our cues, serving drinks in record time. They cleared the table of any hazards and simultaneously read out their recommendations from the menu.

Bloom Bar & Bistro Menu

The breakfast menu is served til 2pm which is fantastic for us egg fans. I had a Vegetarian Eggs Benedict with a twist. The eggs were topped upon a sweet potato rosti instead of the classic, English muffin. This was the first time I’d tried this combo and I’m a fan. The potato substitute gave the breakfast classic a more lunchtime feel which was perfect for our 12:30 sitting.

The other choices were a full english and a vegetarian version, smashed avo on toast (yum) and a whole selection of omelettes.

If breakfast isn’t your favourite meal of the day then you can also choose from sandwhiches, wraps, burgers and salad bowls. The menu here is well thought out to cater for all.

Bloom serve roast dinners every Sunday from 1pm – 7pm for only £15.

If you book in advance, Afternoon Tea can be served any day of the week. For £19.95 you can enjoy it with Tea & Coffee or £22.95 with Prosecco. The dining room at Bloom really suits a group date like a girls or family Afternoon Tea.

I’ve been to places in the past who’ve claimed to be child friendly, but what they’ve meant is they own a couple of high chairs. As spokesperson for all the frayed parents of Liverpool just wanting to brunch without judgement, thank you Bloom Allerton Road!

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